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McCrometer's Direct Mount Wafer-Cone Flow Meter
The flow meter eliminates impulse lines for fast, easy, low-cost installation and is ideal for small line size gas or liquid measurement in water treatment.

White Paper Examines Oil & Grease Factors in Water Methods
Published by Wilks Enterprise Inc., the paper is titled “Will Your Oil in Water Analysis Method Match the Regulatory Method?”

ECD Introduces Triton TR6 Turbidity Sensor
Device is ideal for environmental monitoring, wastewater treatment discharge, filter or backwash, clarity in settling ponds, surface water, or rinse water control

Headworks BIO Inc. Enters Egyptian Market
The proposed system from Headworks BIO involves retrofitting the membrane bioreator aeration tanks with a Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor.

NACWA Files Opening Brief in Litigation Over Final EPA SSI Rule
National Association of Clean Water Agencies challenges the EPA’s final sewage sludge incinerator rule on both its legal and technical basis

ST100 Air/Gas Flow Meter receives HART Certification
Fluid Components International's feature-rich ST100 Thermal Mass Air/Gas Flow Meter obtains HART Communication Protocol compliance.

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Water and Wastewater Blog
Don Dunnington, Moderator
What Apple Can Teach Us about the Future of Business in China
Apple Store in Shanghai, China "Since 2008, an increasing number of domestic manufacturers have asked us to improve the design and function of their product.”
Air Products Converts Wastewater Gas to Hydrogen Fuel
Hydrogen fuel cell gas station "Methane gas from the WWTP holding tanks enters a purification system and then feeds into a fuel cell where it is reformed to hydrogen."
The Big Thirst: Why We Can't Let Water Remain Invisible in Our Lives

"Charles Fishman worries about our water ignorance. Water is present everywhere we look; yet we know so little about it."

..enter the Water and Wastewater Blog

Case Histories    I
Search Results
Portable Water Treatment System Removes Remote Site Challenges
Installations of pre-fab Zeo-Clear systems in New Mexico and Guinea, Africa treat remote wastewater at a fraction of the cost of water treatment infrastructure

Franklin Miller Solves Major Processing Problem
Maxton Meat Processors was experiencing a major pumping problem of their difficult to transport meat products.

Cultec Resolves Flooding for Wal-Mart Expansion
An underground water storage chamber was selected to address the existing flood issue and to improve the emergency overland flow route.

PPI : HDPE Pipe Conquers India Mountain Range
Jain Irrigation Systems water pipeline installation was named PPI Project of the Year.

SolarBee : Oregan WWTP Receives State Award
SolarBee mixers provide the solution for City of St. Helens & Boise Paper to reduce aeration costs in shared wastewater treatment plant.

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This week's photo is an installation of a Franklin Miller Taskmaster twin shaft grinder reduces solids at plant headworks to help protect pumps and process equipment from ragging and plugging.

Submitted by Bill Galanty of Franklin Miller

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 Help Forum  Need help with water and
 wastewater treatment? Visit
 our community of over 11,000
 members and find the answer.

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Water & Wastewater – Liquid Tank Selection
by Bill Neighbors, Tank Connection
"In liquid storage containment, quality and value drives today’s tank selection process..."

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Feeders 101: What is a Process Feeder?
by Tom Rickenbach, K-Tron

In Session 1 of Feeders 101 entitled “What is a Process Feeder?” Tom Rickenbach of K-Tron discusses key elements of process feeding. Typical process feeders provide two modes of operation: Volumetric and Gravimetric along with continuous and batch feeding....
Click here for more lectures...

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Indy at a Glance - Commonwealth Engineers
See how Commonwealth Engineers has helped the City of Indianapolis solve multiple wastewater challenges over the years. http://www.commonwealth-engineers.com/

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Indy  Commonwealth  Engineers 
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 Water and Wastewater Plant Directory - Featured Plant  I

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Triangle Wastewater Treatment Plant
Durham, North Carolina

The Triangle Wastewater Treatment Plant is located at 5926 Hwy 55 in southern Durham County. The wastewater collection system, comprised of approximately 105.5 miles of sewer lines and 1,742 manholes, serves customers inside and outside the City limits, including the northern part of the Research Triangle Park (RTP) in Durham County....
(Click here to read more...)

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Wastewater Engineering: Treatment & Reuse Wastewater Bacteria (Microbiology)  
Click here stars-5-0.gif (430 bytes)"It is a monumental work, very clear and well written. We needed this book."

by George Tchobanoglous, Metcalf & Eddy, et al, Hardcover, 1848 pages, March 2002

Click here "...a hands-on guide to understanding the biology and biological conditions that occur at each treatment unit."

by Michael H. Gerardi
Paperback, 272 pages, 2006

Handbook of Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations Small-Scale Cogeneration Handbook
Second Edition
Click here "...a thorough compilation of water science, treatment information, process control procedures and problem-solving techniques"

by Frank R. Spellman
Paperback: 912 pg, 2008

Click here "It is a well written but useful guide for beginners."

by Bernard F. Kolanowski
Hardback, 224 pages, 2003



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