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Water and Wastewater.Com Newsletter
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Water and Waste Water Dot Com Newsletter
"For the water and wastewater treatment professional...."
Vol. 2, No. 10, May 22, 2000
Joseph Taylor, Editor, mailto:jtaylor@waterandwastewater.com
Copyright 1999-2000, Water and Waste Water Dot Com

John Yazak, Co-Editor, mailto:jyazek@h2ochem.com
H20Chem.com, http://www.h2ochem.com/

This is a 100% opt-in newsletter with news and information 
for the water treatment professional. The Newsletter is 
currently sent to 1,126 professionals at the time of this 
mailing. Unsubscribe instructions are at the end of this 

TO SUBSCRIBE: send a blank email to:

The Newsletter has new Co-Sponsor

We are pleased to announce that the Newsletter is now co-
sponsored by H2OChem.com, the only website entirely devoted 
to the end users of treatment chemicals and supplies. 

The staff of H20chem.com are providing articles and the 
featured "Tip of the Week" under the direction of John

We at Water and Waste Water Dot Com welcome our new sponsor
and look forward to working together with them.

Our goal is to provide information to improve your business 
by using the resources available on the internet.

Please forward this newsletter to your friends, intact.

Thanks, Joe Taylor


> Contributors Wanted!
> US Filter Promises Quick Expansion With DBOF Win
> BetzDearborn, Vivendi Team Up to Offer Equipment & Chemicals
> This Week's Top Picks From The Reading Room
> H2OChem.comís Technical Tip of the Week
> GLI Accu4 Drinking Water Turbidity Measurement System
> E-Market Exchanges - Short Term Gains, Long Term Trouble
> Hot Messages from the Help Forum
> Call For Photographs!
> From the Job Fair
> Subscribe and Unsubscribe Information
> ReferWare

Contributors Wanted!

Press releases, show announcements and industry news wanted!

Do you have company news, a new product, new service or other 
information you would like to share with our subscribers? 
We give full credit to contributing authors. If so please send 
it to:


US Filter Promises Quick Expansion With DBOF Win

PRESTONBURG, Ky., May 15, 2000 -- Floyd County, Ky.'s Southern
Water and Sewer District has awarded US Filter Operating 
Services a 20-year contract to design, build, operate and
finance the operations and maintenance of its drinking water

Valued at approximately $1.4 million/year, the contract 
requires US Filter to finance, design and construct 21 miles
of new water lines, three pumps and three tanks, and manage
the project for two decades.

The Southern water and sewer district services 3,800 customers
with its 2 million gals/day drinking water treatment plant,
200 miles of water lines, 13 existing pump systems and 24
tanks. The expansion will increase the district's customer
base by 500, and construction is expected to begin in August.
Completion is set for July 2001.

For more information contact:

Mr. Bill Scully
US Filter, Memcor
P. O. Box 36
Sturbridge, MA 01566

Web site: http://www.usfilter.com

BetzDearborn, Vivendi Team Up to Offer Equipment & Chemicals

WILMINGTON, Del. and PARIS, May 16, 2000 -- BetzDearborn and
Vivendi Water have extended their North America alliance to 
all other regions of the world. The companies will cooperate
to sell Vivendi Water's industrial outsourcing and equipment
capabilities and Hercules' water and process treatment 

William A. Micsky, V.P. and general manager of BetzDearborn,
and Gerard Mohr, Vivendi Water's COO for Asia Pacific, Latin
America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, said that by
coordinating their complementary industry expertise and 
resources to grow sales, the companies will be able to offer
global customers single-source access to everything they
need to manage water and wastewater treatment systems 

For more information contact:

Mr. Bob Palangio
4636 Somerton Road
Trevose, PS 19053

Telephone: 215-953-2569
Fax: 215-953-5524

This Week's Top Picks From The Reading Room

Top picks from the Reading Room this week are:

"Wastewater Engineering: Treatment, Disposal, and Reuse"
(McGraw-Hill Series in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering) 
by George Tchobanoglous, F. L. Burton, Staff Metcalf &. Eddy 
Hardcover, 3rd edition, December 1991

"Theory and Practice of Water and Wastewater Treatment
by Ronald L. Droste
Hardcover, 816 pages, August, 1996

"Wastewater Microbiology
by Gabriel Bitton
Paperback, 488 pages, May, 1994

We thank you for your continued support of the Reading Room.
Do you need a book? Can you suggest a book you love, that we 
should have in the Reading Room? Let me know and we will 
try to include it!

You can visit the Reading Room and view the selections we
have made for you at:

H2OChem.comís Technical Tip of the Week


The two primary corrosive agents in condensate systems are 
carbon dioxide and dissolved oxygen. The first of these, 
carbonic acid attack, is the topic of this week's technical
tip. Oxygen pitting of the condensate system will be discussed
in subsequent technical tips.

For the complete tip, visit H2OChem.com's web site at: 


GLI Accu4 Drinking Water Turbidity Measurement System

The Accu4 system uses EPA approved GLI Method 2, ratiometric
4-beam measurement technique to provide highly accurate low
level turbidity measurement. Measurement is made using two 
near infrared LED's. The four beam measurement technique 
automatically calculates out interference's such as process
color and sample chamber fouling. 

A complete set of diagnostics is loaded into the analyzer, 
allowing for easy assessment of the instruments operational
status. Verifying calibration is simple using GLI's patented
Cal-Cube secondary calibration standard. This turbid glass
cube is stable for years. 

The Accu4 system is ideal for use by water treatment 
facilities trying to meet the strenuous requirements of the
Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule, individual filter and
combined effluent regulations.

For more information contact: 

Mr. Tim Schilz
Manager of Marketing
GLI International, Inc. 
9020 West Dean Road 
Milwaukee, WI 53224

Phone: 414-355-3601
Fax: 414-355-8346
Toll Free: 800-GLI-0263
Website: http://www.gliint.com/

E-Market Exchanges - Short Term Gains, Long Term Trouble

A number of online exchanges have appeared in the chemical 
arena - most notably ChemConnect and Chematch. These 
companies provide a forum where buyers and sellers of 
chemicals can come together online to bid on chemical 
products. In most cases it is the buyer requesting a product
and several sellers bidding in what is typically known as 
a reverse auction format. Simply put, this means the price
continues to drop until only one supplier ďwinsĒ the bid. 

While this provides unit cost reduction for the chemical 
purchaser that provide near term gains, it spells trouble
for the industry in the long run. As margins for the 
suppliers continue to erode, consolidation is the outcome.
Once this consolidation is in place prices are raised to
the end users. One has to look no further than the 
specialty chemical market. Due to years of margin erosion,
some of which was certainly warranted, a major consolidation
has occurred during the last several years. 

Since this consolidation the major companies (BetzDearborn
and Nalco) have initiated 5 to 7% price increases even as
their cost for raw materials has fallen. Additionally, 
they have started to charge for many of the services that
were once part of their bundled offering. Clearly this 
consolidation is not benefiting the end user of these 

In summary, it is clear that these exchanges will continue
due to the momentum and venture capital money behind them.
However, if their basic business model does not change, 
increasing value to suppliers and customers alike, suppliers
will suffer in the short term, and the entire industry 
will in the long run. 

by John Yazek, Co-Editor

H20Chem.com, http://www.h2ochem.com/

Hot Messages from the Help Forum

People post their requests for help and offer their suggestions 
to others in our open forum.

Ms. Childers wants help with metal precipitants:

Metal precipitants: What are some good metal precipitants
for wastewater treatment. What is a good test method and
limits for verifying the process (turbidity, AA 
spectroscopy for various metals?) 

Christie Childers
Continental Products of Texas

Mr. Cellis wants to coat a concrete tank:

Looking for a coating that can be applied to the inside and
a coating to be applied to the outside of a fifty thousand
gallon home rain water collection tank. The tank will be 
underground and we have an airless sprayer (Graco 5000)that
we can use to apply the product. 

The location is the Texas hill country with rocky soil any
information or suggestions are welcome 

Mr. Cellis

Mr. Johnson needs information on BOD removal:

We generate about 3,000 gallons of waste water a result of
using acids and bases to clean and rinse our ion exchange 
bottles. The tank is adjusted for pH followed by addition of
hydrogen peroxide and discharged. 

I am looking for some sort of electrolysis using an electrical
current and carbon rods to convert some of the hydrogen atoms
into a gas thus reducing the BOD. 

Anyone else heard of this? 

Jay Johnson

Dr. Chitale needs technical assistance:

We have a bio-methanation plant where we treat dairy effluent
by anaerobic process. A vertical concrete tank works as the 
anaerobic reactor. Influent having near neutral pH enters at 
the bottom, passes through the activated sludge blanket having
anaerobic bacteria, the bacteria decompose the incoming sludge, 
methane gets released and water overflows through top of the 

Under normal operating condition the sludge blanket remains 
suspended in reactor. However in case of influent having high
COD, the gas generation is heavy and it disturbs the sludge
blanket, making it rise to the top and get washed out along 
with the overflow there by destabilising the system. 

Flow rates to reactor can be controlled but COD loading rate
(kg/hr) appears difficult to control. 

We look for tips on A) How to develop sludge blanket which 
remains undisturbed with increased methane generation. due
to increased COD. B) What chemicals are available to make
the sludge in floating condition ? 

Please send you suggestions to
Dr. Chitale

The Help Forum is open for everyone to use. Share your 
expertise with others, you can find these & other messages at:

Call For Photographs!

We would love to have your photo of a water treatment process,
new plant or equipment "action shot" for our home page.
If you have a favorite photograph of water treatment at its 
best, please email us a jpeg or gif of the photo with a 
description of what is in the photo for our home page.

Full credit and the description of the photo will be given.
Photographs are be changed every two weeks to give everyone
a chance to be included.

Send your photograph and description to,

From the Job Fair


Requires the following core capabilities: General engineering
degree or training, i.e., Civil, Mechanical, Proven track 
record in sales Past management experience Excellent verbal 
and written communication skills Excellent computer skills
Must be able to work in the US. 

The successful candidate will have a minimum of 10 years sales
experience in the wastewater treatment field. Proven account
management experience, including competitive analysis, 
strategic planning and managing to revenue targets. 

Job Description: Execute the functions that make up the direct
and representative sales process for assigned geographical 
region. Support the staff and management in the establishment
of goals for direct and representative sales especially in the
areas of product exposure, sales leads, and sales volume and 
contribution margin. 

Participate in the planning and execution of the sales function
of the company including sales strategy, project execution,
and customer support. 

Salary and profit sharing plus incentives. Performance based 
salary pool $50 - $75,000 depending on experience and 

For more information contact:

Environmental Dynamics, Inc.
Fax: 573-474-6988
Web Site: http://www.wastewater.com/EDI

The Job Fair is a free service of Water and Waste Water Dot Com. 
You can post job opening for managers, engineers, sales, reps 
or other talented people you need. ...Or one can post their 
resume for companies who are looking to add talented people 
to their staff.

Do you have a position you need to fill, visit the Job Fair:

Subscribe and Unsubscribe Information

TO SUBSCRIBE send a blank email to,

TO UNSUBSCRIBE send a blank email to,



This newsletter is ReferWare. If you enjoy reading it and find
useful information in this newsletter, please help spread the 
word about it. You can do this by forwarding a copy to your 
friends, telling them what you like about our newsletter.

Most of our new subscribers hear about us for the first time 
from a good friend, like you!

Thank you, Joe Taylor

Water and Waste Water Dot Com Newsletter
Joseph Taylor, Editor
3948 South Third Street, No. 121
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
Phone: 904-280-4656, Fax: 904-273-1399

Water and Waste Water Dot Com's Newsletter is a 100% opt-in 
email list of information for the water treatment professional.

We love your suggestions and comments! Drop us a line at,


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